Product sourcing

When you want to sell products in your web shop or wholesale, you require product sourcing. This is the process of finding a ‘source’ of your products. This source can be, for example, a factory in China or India. Product sourcing in Asia can be very beneficial for your business. As such, you can sell unique products or implement product outsourcing in your wholesale. This is a very cost- and time-saving method. Wake Up is happy to be your partner when you are looking for sourcing companies in, for example, India or Vietnam. Read on and discover the benefits of our services.

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Product sourcing in Asia by an experienced team

We have 30 years of experience with international trade and worldwide buying. Four of our offices are based in Asia, one in Vietnam and three in China, where we operate as a sourcing company for many different clients from all over the world. Are you looking for sourcing companies in India? We set up projects in that country as well. Over decades, we have built an extensive network of reliable manufacturers in Asia, where product sourcing and purchasing is our main expertise.

A full service

When you make use of sourcing companies in, for example India, China or Vietnam, we know that you expect a solid research into the possibilities in that region. Logistics, quality inspection and storage is very important too, as well as many other aspects of product sourcing, worldwide buying, and outsourcing the manufacturing of products. Wake Up offers you an End-to-End service; a complete service which is based on the targeted products and the needs of your company.

The exact project plan you need

The personal service we offer makes our product sourcing distinctive. Why? Our team assists you from start to finish, but they will never offer you too much or too little. In other words, when you need a proper product sourcing company in for example Vietnam or India, we manage everything based on the project you are working on. Do you need the complete package of product sourcing or production outsourcing in Asia? Then we will set up the complete tailor-made step-by-step plan. Enquire after the possibilities for your situation and make your international trade a great success! Call +31 (0)30 697 32 40 or fill in the contact form to make an appointment.

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