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Are you looking for a China sourcing company which can help you with importing products from China? Importing products from abroad is common practice within today’s international trade community. After all, a globalised world leads to easier trading, clearer communication and faster transportation. On the other hand, you need a China sourcing company experienced in handling the complicated paperwork and maintaining trade networks. As such, Wake Up is the company you need!

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With our complete range of services regarding international trade, you do not have to worry about the following: selecting reliable manufacturers, planning the distribution process, checking the product quality and many more aspects. Moreover, when we function as your China sourcing company, you have the opportunity to choose the services you wish to employ. With this, you are released from all the worries and, at the same time, you have the control of your own purchasing process. Do you want to outsource your production? Or do you need help with product packaging that implements your own label? We are happy to be your partner.

High-quality products

With our 30 years of experience, among other things as a China sourcing company, we make a success of every project for clients in every line of business or industry. Because of our accurate quality inspection services, you are ensured reliable products and can guarantee high quality to your customers. Contact us if you need further information. Phone +31 (0)30 697 32 40 and feel free to ask your questions, or fill in the contact form.

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