Worldwide buying

With our experience, offices in Asia and working method, we have complete control of the worldwide purchase process.


Our sourcing office selects the best manufacturers, anywhere in the world.

Factory audits

We do unannounced audits at factories we do business with. We share our reports with our customers.

Social audits

During the factory audits we check if the social aspects are in accordance with our standards, and if they are complied with. All factories we work with are obliged to sign our Code of Conduct.

Order management

We have developed our own system to keep a close eye on orders, together with our colleagues in Asia.

Quality Control

No shipment leaves the factory without being checked thoroughly by us and complying with the most recent laws and regulations.

Wake Up imports our maintenance products and delivers these decentralised to our 5000 branches everywhere in Europe.

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Logistics management

We make sure that our client’s products are at the agreed place, at the agreed time. Wherever in the world, in whatever way.

Production planning

With the help of the most modern systems we can plan productions well.


We use all possible logistics solutions to get the goods to the desired place, at the desired time.

Stock control

For some clients, we keep products that we produced and imported for them in stock. With the help of good forecasts, we make sure that we never have to say "no", because there's always enough in stock.

Order picking

In our warehouses, the orders are "picked" and packed completely automatically.


Because of the big amount of drop shipments, we have unbeatable rates with postal operators.
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Via Wake Up we have been buying our products directly in Asia for years. Wake Up takes care of the entire purchase process.

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