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Whether you buy products from China or create a new product, bringing in a private label producer is a very good idea for your company. This can be the case when you run a web shop and sell products which you have imported. It is an important step in a business plan to find a reliable private label manufacturer to cooperate with. Wake Up is the perfect partner to find these producers, for example in Asian countries like China and India. We are happy to support your company to market a successful product.

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An extensive network to find the best private label manufacturer

Private label products are products which are made by a producer but released by another company, i.e. the dealer. By outsourcing the production to another manufacturer, you do not have to worry about the production process of your private label goods. Private labels are used in for example the cosmetic and smartphone industry. Both wholesalers and retailers can make use of a private label producer. Wake Up operates within a broad international trading network and is able to select the most reliable manufacturers for your unique products. We have cooperated with many different clients across all sectors and have set up projects for a broad range of products.

The benefits of private label products

A private label gives you more control of the quality, price and packaging of your products. Besides, it is a perfect way of branding and improve the positioning of your brand. Moreover, the profit margin can significantly increase, especially when you purchase goods from countries like China and India. Do you want more information about private labels? Feel free to ask us your questions.

A complete service

Wake Up offers a so-called End-to-End service, which contains everything you need to create your private label and purchase great products from abroad. Which services we provide specifically to your company, depends on your aims and preferences. Either way, we create a service package which is focused on your specific product. Contact us if you need any further information. Call +31 (0)30 697 32 40 or fill in the contact form.

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