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Developing a new product obviously needs a clear prototype. But how do you arrange that a high-quality prototype is made to evaluate the product accurately? Wake Up has been specialised in product development for all different kinds of clients for many years. After the research and development part, we communicate with our manufacturers to realise a prototype that will make sure that further production results in the best way possible.

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Developing a product with the most accurate prototype

Product development is a major specialism of the Wake Up team. Both in Europe and in Asia we work on projects for our clients which operate in all kinds of branches. Therefore, we have built a lot of experience in the area of product prototyping as well. First of all, we discuss about the goals you want to achieve with the new product and the estimated effect on the market. This is part of the research and development phase. When the prototype of the product has been made, the evaluation phase starts. Only when the prototype is approved by you, the production process will be launched.

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When you have chosen for a cooperation with Wake Up in the area of product development, you have a lot of choices. You can choose for separate services, like research and development and prototyping, but also for an End-to-End service. This includes all the aspects of product development. Contact us and enquire for the possibilities today! Call +31 (0)30 697 32 40 and feel free to ask your questions, or fill in the contact form.

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