Product certification

Customers, both business and private, have an increasing need to know for sure whether products are reliable and safe, which is indicated by means of product certification. However, when you have developed a new product, it is often difficult to get the right marking. Good assistance is needed to arrange the right certifications, focused on the specific product. Products which are certified simply have a better chance to succeed on the market. Wake Up is happy to be your partner and arrange the right certifications for your product.

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There are enough reasons that product certification is necessary

It seems a bureaucratic and time-consuming task, but product certification can be a great benefit for your product. It is a way to sell your product as reliable, safe, durable and many more positive characteristics. But which certifications belong to what products? Which product certification is mandatory and which is optional? The Wake Up team specialises in product certification and has extensive knowledge of the legal connections between certain products and certifications. Our team accurately selects the mandatory ones, so that you will not face unexpected circumstances after the production process.

A complete service for product development

Product certification is part of the whole production development process Wake Up has to offer. So do you want to create a new product and do you need an assistance service with all the aspects included, like research, outsourcing, packaging and many more? With our long-term experience, we are the right company for you. Contact us today! Call +31 (0)30 697 32 40 or fill in the contact form.

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