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Wake Up International B.V.:
For over 25 years, a specialist in developing, importing and exporting consumer goods all over the world.

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360° service

Our years of experience have led to a standard operating procedure, which we call our 360° service.

Supplier selection
Whatever the nature of the product, we will select the right supplier, all over the world.
We keep a close eye on the production and everything that goes with it.
Quality control
Our specialists check and safeguard the quality of the products throughout the entire production process.
Depending on the requirements, we will select the most suitable transport method.
We offer storage and distribution via our fully automated (ERP) system.
With the help of Wake Up we have been buying our products directly in Asia for years.
Director Beter Bed
The savings campaigns which Wake Up organised for us were all successful.
Marketing manager DEEN supermarkets
Wake Up has been a reliable, solution-oriented partner for years!
Alpine Hearing protection
Wake Up imports our maintenance products and delivers them decentralised to our 1,200 branches all over Europe.
Retail merchandise manager Audionova

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